Bass Chords - The major triad

The chart below shows how to build the diatonic triads from any major scale. The diatonic triads built from the major scale include the major  , the minor  , the dominant 7th  ( the dominant 7th is a major triad it becomes a dominant 7th when the b7th is added eg a 7th chord )  , and the half diminished triad.

The bass chord examples eg triads are shown as arpeggios.

The example shown in Bass tab  is taken from the "Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines " series  Book I The Blues in 12 keys Bass Tab Edition

Book I The blues in 12 keys - Bass chords in  Tab

The Minor Triads

In the above example the minor triads are shown related to the key of F major.

The minor triads in the key of F are the II chord Gmin The III chord Amin and the VI chord Dmin.

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